Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

The working girl

Hallo meine Lieben,
ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ich in einem kreativen Beruf arbeite, in dem ich eigentlich tragen kann, was ich möchte. Alles andere wäre für mich eine Einschänkung, die ich nur schwer akzeptieren könnte. Jeden Tag im Anzug arbeiten, das bin ich einfach nicht. Zudem wird bei diesen "Vorschriften" der Revolutionär in mir wach. Warum müssen alle gleich aussehen um seriös zu wirken?  Warum sollte ich jemanden im schicken Anzug eher etwas abkaufen und glauben, als jemanden der anders ordentlich und gut angezogen ist?

Hello my loves,
I'm really glad working in a creative job, in which I mainly can wear whatever I like. Anything else would be a great personal limitation, which I hardly could accept. Wearing every day a suit, that is just not me. Furthermore during thinking about this "dressing rules" my inner revolutionist arise. Does we all have to look simular to appear serious? Why should I buy or believe something from someone in a suit rather than somebody how is dressed nice and decent in another way?

Chanel tweed jacket with chains, destroyed Jeans and Bird Statement Necklace: Mango; Blouse: H&M; Bag: Gina Tricot; Boots: Görtz17

Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

Fashion Week 2014 | Curvy is sexy

Hallo meine Lieben,
wie versprochen wollte ich euch noch ein bisschen was von der Fashion Week erzählen. Die Messe "Curvy is sexy" hat dieses Jahr erst zum zweiten Mal stattgefunden und trotzdem hat man schon jetzt gemerkt, dass sie deutlich an Publikum und interessanten Ausstellern gewonnen hat. Die nachfolgenden Marken haben mich besonders begeistert, leider habe ich von einigen Ständen so wenig Fotos gemacht. Mit zunehmendem Sekt-Konsum wurden es immer weniger;-) Ich hoffe Ihr bekommt trotzdem einen guten Eindruck. Es war ein toller und witziger Tag. Mit tollen Kollektionen und den lieben Curvy Mädels.

Hello my loves,
as I promised I want to show you some pictures of the Fashion Week in Berlin. The trade fair "Curvy is sexy" was hold this year for the second time, so it's a pretty young concept, but with great success. This time it was much younger and cooler with much more interesting exhibiting companies and visitors. The following brands really caught my attention because of their great collections. Unfortunately I haven't made this much photos, I think this carelessness came in glasses of champagne ;-) Nevertheless I hope you get a good impression of this amazing and fun day. With great clothes and lovely curvy girls.

The brand Via Appia has a new collection called frapp. This collection is modern and has many cool pieces. I felt deeply in love with this ombre sweater (which the nice Linda is holding for me, you really worked it, baby;-), a leather biker jacket in bordeaux and an amazing parka. I'm really kind of annoyed of myself because I haven't made pictures of these really cool pieces, especially of this parka. You can see something of it in the second pic in the background. Another aspect I love about frapp is the really outstanding quality with little lovely details even at the inside of the clothes.
Triangle is a plus size brand of s.oliver and it is both very cool and casual but also elegant with all it's cute shift dresses. We were invited to a little blogger meeting at their booth and I was really enjoying every minute of it. It was professional but not impersonal rather the opposite. Of course I felt for this jeans below, it's just so much me, but I also liked their cool shirts and dress with material mix. Also the decoration of their booth was so affectionately picked together. I would love to have all these decoration pieces in my apartment.
The plus size brand Zizzi is just so much fun. The whole staff is laid back, cool, nice and funny. Just like the clothes. We also had a little blooger meeting over there at the Zizzi booth and we were all crazy about their freestyle photo booth. We all felt so welcomed and just got the perfect Ice coffee right at the beginning. I can't really pick just one piece which I loved particularly, because almost every piece was just so perfect. Their were one fluffy long cardigan and a high-waisted leather skirt I almost swiped ;-) Next to the great collection I simply loved their assertiveness slogans like: There are no rules | If you like it, wear it and so one. At the end everybody of us was allowed to pick one piece to take it home, unfortunately the jacket I choosed wasn't there in my size, but as soon as I get it from Zizzi, I will share it with you.
Let's say it this way, I haven't expected anything less from JUNAROSE. Their collection is just the ravages of time. The fake fur jacket, you can see in the third pic, was the most fashion forward piece at the the whole Curvy is sexy, but also this one piece nearly every curvy girl immediately felt for. Of course it's not a piece which is beneficial in anyway if your goal is to look slimmer but it's just so cool, so much fun, it's just fashion. I loved it. Some of the girls had the chance to visit the great Bestseller after show party together with the nice staff of JUNAROSE, unfortunately I had to catch my train ;-((
Next to the great brands with amazing collections, I want to thank my curvy girls, you made that day so special and so much fun. I had a blast :-)
My lovely girl: Steffi
This girl is so much fun, can't wait to visit you: Theodora Flipper
Our well known: Lu
My namesake: Jenny
The model: Teresa
Our newcomer, but such an amazing girl, loved her style: Isabell
Our feminist fangirl: Alex 

Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Curvy drawings

Hallo meine Lieben,
ich war letzte Woche in Berlin zur Fashion Week, aber mehr dazu in den nächsten Posts. Die liebe Alessa vom My-Dress-Codes-Team hat mich gemalt. Es ist Teil Ihrer brandneuen Aktion „Alessa malt Blogger“ in der das Team Blogger auswählen, die Sie besonders inspirieren, die mit viel Liebe und Persönlichkeit Ihren Blog gestalten und lesenswert sind. Diese Blogger ehrt My-Dress-Codes mit einem ganz persönlichen Bild. Und eins will ich euch sagen, ich bin wirklich geehrt und super stolz. Das ist sooooo cool. DANKESCHÖN!

Hello my loves,
the last week I spent some time in Berlin for Fashion Week, it was great, but I'll tell you more about that in my next posts. In the meantime I want to show you that the nice Alessa from the website My-Dress-Codes draw me. I feel so honored and proud. It's so cool. Thank you very much!


Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Winter Flowers

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
ich weiß wir hatten noch nicht mal einen richtigen Winter, aber ich vermisse den Sommer jetzt schon. Das Licht und die Wärme, die Luft und den Geruch. Das Leben draußen. Meine offenen Sandalen. Im Moment möcht ich eigentlich nichts anderes als mich drinnen im warmen zu verkriechen. Jetzt wo draußen nicht mal mehr ein Glühwein auf mich wartet ;-))

Hello my loves,
I know I have no reason to complain because the winter this year in Germany is more like a spring or fall. But nevertheless I already miss the summer. The light. The heat. The air. The smell. To spent my leisure time outside. My strappy sandals. Right at the moment, I just want to stay home in my warm living room. Now that I don't even get an hot wine punch at the next market., it's even worst ;-)

Black leather biker jacket, Sweater, Bag, Cut Out Peep Toe Boots: Primark; Flower skirt: Vintage (Second hand); Ring: River Island

Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

My favorite blog post of 2013

Hallo meine Lieben,
im letzten Post habe ich euch einen kleinen Rückblick meiner Outfits von 2013 gegeben. Doch sollte ich einen Lieblings-Post auswählen, einen der mich und diesen Blog am ehesten repräsentiert, hat dieser überhaupt nichts mit Mode zu tun. Es ist dieser hier: Self-confidence. Still the best label you can wear! Denn ich stehe immer noch 100%-ig hinter dieser Botschaft.

Hello my loves,
in my last blog post, I was showing you some of my outfits of 2013. But if I should choose my favorite post of the year 2013 of all of them, one that could represent myself and this blog, it wouldn't be about fashion at all. It's this one: Self-confidence. Still the best label you can wear! Because I still stand by what I said 100 percent.

PS.: I just saw that Lu also posted an amazing article about self-love and body positivity!


Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Outfits of 2013

Hallo meine Lieben,
dies sind meine liebsten Outfits 2013. Und ich bin verdammt froh, dass ich euch doch ein bisschen Vielfalt gezeigt habe. Ich hatte zunächst die Befürchtung hier heute nur eine Sammlung von schwarzen Jacken und Jeans online zu stellen :-))) Frohes neues Jahr euch allen, möge es eure Erwartungen übertreffen!

Hello my loves,
in this post I show you my favorit outfits of the year 2013. And to be honest, I'm really glad that I was able to show you quite different parts of myself through fashion. My fear was that I would stroll though my posts and would recognize that, I was showing you over and over and over again the same look: Curvy Jenny in jeans and black jackets ;-))) I wish you all a happy new year and may it exceed all your expectations.


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